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Q: What is the geographic scope of ProjectDB?

Presently we accept project reports generated only within India, from colleges, institutions, schools, polytechniques, and any educational or research organizations.
Q: What are the benefits of uploading my project report?

A: It will appear in the search by others. It will discourage others from copying your work and passing it off as their own. It will improve the chances of you finding a job, as employers will match their required skills with your project work. It is important to note that employers care more for your honest work ethics, sincerity, dedication, loyalty and such virtues than grades.
Q: Why do I have to transfer copyright?

A: As a publishing company we are not legally allowed to save your report without copyright transferred in the name of our company. It is also similar to how you transfer copyright when you publish a research paper in any journal publication.
Q: Do I still get to share my project report with others, after copyright transfer?

A: The principle of fair use applies in situations where you can share your report to a few people who are closely connected to you in personal and professional life. But you are not permitted to upload it to other sites, or market it elsewhere. Ultimately, remember that once you transfer the copyright we retain full rights and we hold the power to decide what constitutes a fair use.
Q: Do I need my college approval to upload the project report?

A: Copyright laws say that only the author who created a work holds the original copyright, regardless of whether such a work is registered or not. Registration of a copyright only reaffirms that right. Hence, if you write a book, you own copyright and you can do whatever you want. If your college objects to your right, you must get a legal opinion from a lawyer. We cannot intervene between you and your institution.
Q: What if another report reads similar to my report?

A: We do not take any action unless a report is a blatant plagiarism. Often many simple sentences might repeat in two reports. For example, students frequently write lines like "Java is a great programming language!". Such lines should not affect the originality score. We take a balanced view of reports and give benefit of doubt to those who have put in a sincere effort in work and writing.
Q: how long are these project reports preserved?

A: Copyright laws are valid for 75 years. We will aim to keep old reports at least that far, depending on storage space and other constraints.
Do I get any royalty payments if others download my report?

A: You cannot derive financial benefit from our services. Instead, you get to protect your work and prevent others from plagiarism. Also, your work gets international exposure and potential employer can offer you a job. Unlike other job sites where you search for employers, in our site employers search for you. This benefit greatly outweighs any nominal money that can be made. You can also link to your project from our site, which will greatly enhance your credibility.
Q: Can I upload a revised/improved project report?

A: Unfortunately, once uploaded it is difficult to replace it, since the file would be reviewed, moderated, indexed in search engines, as well as assigned an ISBN code. However, if there is a serious need to change the report, contact us by email and we will work out some solution.
Q: How can I publish a paper in Journal of Academic Projects?

A: Manuscripts must be submitted electronically, as word document. Papers submitted to the journal are normally peer reviewed. Fast publication with inhouse review is possible but it will be at a cost to the author, presently set at $30 per page of the submitted manuscript. Publishing a research paper is often helpful to students desiring to pursue higher studies.The journal is brought out once a month. For further details please refer to Journal page.
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